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Create revolutionary apps and services for molecular design with the SAMSON Software Development Kit.


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Find out below why the SAMSON platform is the fastest route to state-of-the-art development for molecular design.

Save time and money

Reduce your development time

Write once and deploy everywhere with SAMSON’s multiplatform SDK.
Accelerate development with advanced SDK features, code templates, and even development services.

Focus on your expertise

Spend time on what makes your solution unique.
Rely on SAMSON for visualization, data management and much more.

Quickly integrate what you already have…

Wrap existing code inside your new extensions.
Call executables or web services from your extensions.

…or break new ground

Rapidly design novel apps, editors, force fields, etc. with the SDK.
Create multidomain solutions thanks to SAMSON’s universal data model.

Empower your users while protecting your IP

Train your customers…

Create interactive step-by-step tutorials to help users learn your extensions.
Provide just-in-time contextual tips to remind them of key features.

…and empower them

Expose your extensions in Python to allow for user scripting.
Create assets, scripts and more to help your customers reach their objectives.

Offer cloud computing services

Create cloud computing services callable from SAMSON.
Charge your customers based on how much they use your service.

Protect your IP

Only distribute binaries and not source code (unless you want to).
Control who can access the extensions you have developed.

One Platform. 100+ Countries. 4000+ Labs and Companies.

Expand your revenue

Just set your prices

Choose academic & commercial prices for monthly & yearly subscriptions.
Let SAMSON Connect manage licensing, distribution and renewals.

Reach more

Access complementary markets thanks to SAMSON’s universal data model.
Benefit from our global marketing of the SAMSON platform.

Sell more

Take advantage of SAMSON’s modularity to upsell and cross-sell.
Reduce friction with a platform that allows users to subscribe in a few clicks.

Receive payments on your own schedule

Use a highly secured payment process based on Stripe.
Choose the periodicity at which you want to receive payments.

Stay in control

Sell with a clear fee structure

No setup fees and no hosting fees.
The only platform fee is a percentage of your sales.

Keep accounting simple

Monitor sales of your extensions and cloud services.
Download accounting reports from SAMSON Connect.

Control your commercial strategy

Display your extensions’ prices or display a Get quote message.
Manage your extensions’ licenses or let SAMSON Connect take care of it.

Control your development strategy

Develop yourself with the free SDK, documentation and community support…
…or take the quick route thanks to our development services.

These are just a few of the benefits.
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