December 8, 2021, 3pm (CET)

Cloud molecular dynamics simulations with SAMSON 2021

SAMSON 2021 makes it possible to perform cloud molecular dynamics simulations.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare your systems for simulations in a few clicks
  • Equilibrate your systems in the NVT and NPT ensembles
  • Choose cloud machines based on budget and time objectives
  • Run molecular dynamics simulations in the cloud
  • Control simulations using SAMSON’s job manager
  • Download, visualize and analyze cloud simulations results

Date and time: December 8, 2021, 3pm (CET)

Presenter: Stephane Redon, Co-founder and CEO at OneAngstrom


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    To prepare for the webinar

    If you would like to run cloud simulations during the webinar, create your free account at SAMSON Connect with your professional email address, then download and install SAMSON. Then, add the GROMACS Wizard extension to your account (a free trial is available).

    All webinar attendees will receive free computing credits to run cloud simulations during the webinar.

    For more information about SAMSON 2021, please visit this page.